Welcome! Introducing my new book,The Dreams We Share, a collection of 86 poems related to our Earth. Please enjoy one of its poems, “The Whale’s Song,” in my book trailer. Purchase signed copies of my books sent directly to you.

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You’ll find a beautiful short documentary below that has touched many people, and is titled after my previous book, At This Table.

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Raphael Block

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Filmed and edited by Tim Ray

Review of The Dreams We Share by Raphael Block

Reviewed by Dave Seter

Raphael Block’s most recent book, The Dreams We Share, fulfills the need for contemporary nature poetry written from a spiritual point of view. While unapologetically expressing an ecstatic response to nature, these poems acknowledge the human capacity to heal or to harm our world. Countering the cynical point of view that planet Earth is too far degraded to save, these poems seem to say: celebrating what sustains us motivates us to heal our world. Read the full review

Watch the film, “At This Table”, featured in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase.

A film by Elias Koch. www.eliaskoch.com

‘Meeting Light’, a poem from At This Table

“Meeting Light”
A film by Adam Wilder

A film by Adam Wilder