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Raphael Block

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Watch the film, "At This Table", featured in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase.

A film by Elias Koch. www.eliaskoch.com

Introducing the Book: At This Table (now on special offer)


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Simple, poignant beauty touches the heart, the soul and the senses. A bowl of oats, the cry of a hawk, human pain and joy, these are the seeds and the fruits that give life its depth and meaning. Here, life is a single tapestry of love, fully felt, in sun and rain. Allow these poems to speak to you, to unravel you, to take you back to what is essential.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi Teacher and Author,
Editor of Spiritual Ecology—The Cry of the Earth



"Meeting Light"
A film by Adam Wilder

Official Selection Life Screenings International Short Film Festival 2021Official Selection Monologues & Poetry International  Film Fest 2021Official Selection Uninhabited International Film Festival 2022

‘Meeting Light’, a poem from At This Table