Strings of Shining Silence


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Poetics Matrix Press (2017)

Welcome to the audiobook of Strings of Shining Silence: Earth-Love Poems by Raphael Block. You’ll hear 64 poems and the Occidental Community Choir singing, “Strings of Shining Silence,” composed by John Maas, and one or two other surprises. Please enjoy! Thank you.

Listen to the audiobook Strings of Shining Silence:

Poems from Strings of Shining Silence:

Blue Moon

Strings of Shining Silence

Song Original


The Earth speaks and the heart listens. Here are words that nourish the soul with the ancient music of creation, the songs that are all around us but so easily unnoticed. These poems sing the remembrance of life itself, simple, unadorned, deeply felt. Let them take you back to where you belong.
~ LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE, Sufi Teacher and Author, Editor of Spiritual Ecology—The Cry of the Earth.


Never far from the living earth or the heart of wonder, part nature seer, part mystic weaver, Raphael Block pulls the Seen and the Unseen together with shining strings of imagination. Wonderful!
~ MICHAEL MEADE, Author of Fate and Destiny and Why the World Doesn’t End.


This luminous collection of poetry is a love song to the Holy. Each piece is a droplet of dew reflecting the rising sun and radiating through the heart, awakening wonder.
~ MIRABAI STARR, Author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and Caravan of No Despair.


Raphael Block’s poetry reflects an empathy for all life. The voice of the poet recollects with insight the quiet joys of life. A shared panoply of the wonderful adventures in the garden of daily life when led with eyes, ears and feelings wide open. This collection is a strong, honest and intelligent work of seasoned poetry aged like fine wine that all poetry lovers should experience.
~ GLENN EVANS—POET, Novelist and Founder of PoetWest.

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