The Dreams We Share

The Dreams We Share

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Poetic Matrix Press (2023)
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Poems from The Dreams We Share

Return Again, Return Again Our Streams In the Land First Storm
Filmed and edited by Tim Ray

Review of The Dreams We Share by Raphael Block

Reviewed by Dave Seter

Raphael Block’s most recent book, The Dreams We Share, fulfills the need for contemporary nature poetry written from a spiritual point of view. While unapologetically expressing an ecstatic response to nature, these poems acknowledge the human capacity to heal or to harm our world. Countering the cynical point of view that planet Earth is too far degraded to save, these poems seem to say: celebrating what sustains us motivates us to heal our world. Read the full review


Nature, the first book of revelation, tells her story in these pages. The Northern
California landscape speaks in a multitude of voices, wild iris, coyotes, starfish, turtles,
and the many birds that belong to this shoreline. And within all these images, sounds, is
the pulse of the Earth Herself, asking us to be present, mindful of her beauty and
wonder. Take time to walk through these words, to become immersed in this mystery
that reaches deep into the soul. 
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Ph.D, Sufi teacher and author, editor of Spiritual Ecology: The
Cry of the Soul

Each poem in Raphael Block’s new book is a visitation; a message from a plant or a
turtle, that is also a prayer that keeps us more connected to the resurgent core of life.
In The Dreams We Share, the poet keeps bowing to “beings who survive it all,” while
offering countless ways to find the deep veins of peace in this “sea of man-made
Michael Meade, Author of Awakening the Soul and Fate and Destiny


Here are poems that celebrate what makes us human – the context of a complex and beautiful
Earth known in her intricacy, and love – in partnership, parenthood, and connection to the
sacred. These poems come from the heart, and this book will delight as well as educate its
Elizabeth Carothers Herron, Sonoma County Poet Laureate, California (2022-2024), author of In
the Cities of Sleep


Raphael Block has a monthly online newsletter called “Earth Love.” This is fitting because, in
his new book, The Dreams We Share, with a few notable exceptions, almost every poem could
be called a love poem for the Earth or animals, plants, and bodies of water thereon. Very creative
metaphors and similes abound (a spider as a Chinese character). As does musicality: (from
“Raven’s Eye”) “Arak, arak…. I dive into blackness to share this stillness with you.”
Phyllis Meshulam, Sonoma County Poet Laureate, California (2020-2022), author of Land of My
Father’s War

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