At This Table

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Poetic Matrix Press (2020)

Welcome to the audiobook of At This Table by Raphael Block. You’ll hear 72 poems and a song, “Destiny Tango,” recorded in February 2015 on a hospital bed, one week after a major operation. With thanks to my dear friend, Bhavani Judith Cook, for playing guitar. The book ends with four songs. Please enjoy! Thank you.

Listen to the audiobook At This Table:

Poems from At This Table:

Unlikely and Least

And I Bow Low

Heart Throne


Simple, poignant beauty touches the heart, the soul and the senses. A bowl of oats, the cry of a hawk, human pain and joy, these are the seeds and the fruits that give life its depth and meaning. Here, life is a single tapestry of love, fully felt, in sun and rain. Allow these poems to speak to you, to unravel you, to take you back to what is essential.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi Teacher and Author,
Editor of Spiritual Ecology—The Cry of the Earth


At This Table is a celebration of the gift of life as found in the rising of crocus shoots, in the diving of winged birds, and the whispering of bees. Raphael invites us to the table where great Nature and human nature meet in order to rejoice.

Michael Meade, author of Awakening the Soul


Raphael Block’s lyrical collection invites us to imagine “this table,” as far more than a table – an ecologically expansive structure set to welcome the intricacies of the natural world, and ourselves as an integral part of that whole. His songs of praise are elated with the details. Here is a celebration that dissolves the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and offers us a chance to “flourish and breathe under sun-fog-rain sway.”

Maya Khosla, Sonoma County Poet Laureate
Author of All the Fires of Wind and Light


This gathering of poetry by Raphael Block is in deep spiritual movement.  I can’t tell if it’s one Dervish whirling out all six dimensions of consciousness contained in these pages or rather six Dervishes who, interweaving one another, stir to life all seventy-five poems in their up-turned palms.

Am I mesmerized by the clear and exquisite detail?   Am I awakened by a profoundly sincere Love?  Are these two seemingly different results serving one another?  I feel the answer is yes, but I encourage you to read At This Table for yourself!  You may be pleased to discover so much more.

John Fox, Author of The Only Gift to Bring
President, The Institute for Poetic Medicine

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