About Raphael Block

“My experience shows that I’m hanging by threads that bind me to spirit, this earth, and each other. This love of our earth and of spirit that permeates all, makes life so dynamic, magical, and wonder-filled!”

Raphael’s Block’s poetry, infused with spirit, speaks to earth’s call for a heartfelt response to our ecological crisis. Born on a kibbutz, he spent his boyhood playing on the hills of Haifa. His family returned to London as he turned nine, where learning British English shaped his ear for sound. In 1993 he moved to Northern California with his American wife and their daughter. His partner died from cancer in 2002, and for the following years he feels it was his privilege to raise their child.

Raphael worked with children of all ages for almost 30 years. Since 2008, a life-threatening illness, Crohn’s, has played a major role in intensifying his appreciation and gratitude for the moments of each day.

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