April 2019 | WATER – Part II

“Now we can see water as an endangered species.”

Photo by Carol Griffin

In last month’s newsletter we posted WATER – Part I. Phillip, a landscape designer and naturalist, continues on this topic this month. I’ve paraphrased some of our conversation:

We have the same water that’s always been here. None has been added. Water has a constant pattern of letting go of what it’s learned. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s photo of Tokyo tap water looks like a blob and has no fractal qualities. But when exposed to sun and the natural elements it becomes structured, elevated. 

Scientists are now confirming the higher functions of water1. When a healthy body ingests water, it’s circulated into the veins which start to structure it. The veins respond to the permeability of water. The highest result is the cerebrospinal fluid, which is essentially highly structured water. The brain’s capacity lies in the magnetic crystalline structure of water which allows it to communicate. How does this happen?

What scientists are finding in the body is that the more structured the water, the healthier we are2. When water is taken out of malignant cells it’s found to have no structure, no cohesion, no fractal, self-organizing capacities. Whereas in DNA, it’s not the spiraling double-helix that determines the health of the genes. It’s the receptivity of highly structured water that allows matter to communicate electromagnetism and light with conscious energy3.

Photo by Diana Badger

Petroleum products, harmful to human health, remain in our environment for hundreds and thousands of years, and have been found to contaminate most sources of water. Is it surprising that we live in an age where cancer is so dominant? Water – this essential element that we’ve taken for granted. We can now see pure water as an endangered species which, in turn, endangers all life.

We are discovering in agriculture that when we use structured water, there is an increase of around 20% in the vitality of plants, and a greater ability to fight pests and drought4.

I was inspired by Dr. Carly Nuday, author of The Water Codes. She has taken water from the pedestrian to the cosmic, and is demonstrating that water is the modality of both consciousness and communication5.

Photo by Diana Badger

There are capillaries in our bodies that are so small that water molecules have to spiral through them. Our veins respond to these spiraling water molecules by opening. Likewise in our world, everything is spiraling around other bodies: the Earth around the Sun, electrons around nuclei, etc. That’s why we need to respect such wild, pristine places where natural processes are still in effect as depositories of divine knowledge, knowledge embedded in creation, living in the moment. Water is the first principle. When we pollute our water, we’re creating a world of scarcity, instead of one of abundance through fertility and beauty, as nature does.

Phillip concluded, I go to the Sierras because I’m in the process of unlearning what I thought I knew, so that I can be re-educated by what IS, and discern the things that I’ve learned that are applicable for the benefit of Gaia and the whole.

In a forthcoming newsletter we’ll explore with Phillip the vital role of Montane Meadows6.

1,2. Dr. Gerald Pollack’s talks include: The Fourth Phase of WaterWater Cells and Life; and Can Water be Healing? and many published books.

3,4,5. Dr. Carly Nuday, bridges the world of science and spirituality,and describes her findings in the book, Water Codes, and practical applications for agriculture in interviews with Adam Abram on Vortex Water.

6. I highly recommend Water and Life. This 3 minute YouTube video introduces the remarkable work of Dr. John Todd. Other talks include, Reclaiming our Polluted WatersLiving Machines Lecture, and The Ecological Design Revolution.

My life as I know it began from the seed of my Father.
Skin and bone and flesh and blood, grew in water
from the Chi of my Mother, and I was born upon the Earth
into a world of sight, and sound, and taste and smell
and carried through light and dark with love and adoration,
protected from hunger and fear and cold.

When my feet landed upon the Earth, my independence
took root, giving me the ability to develop my own sense
of self and a new relationship to the Earth. The support
it offered me gave way to freedom to walk and run
and explore the treasures and the magic of earthly life.

As I followed my path, I discovered the beautiful dance
of Tai Chi. Planting my feet deep into the Earth,
and opening myself up to her bubbling Chi, she fills
me with vitality. Absorbed through my feet, and moving
through me, the conscious and circular movements
give expression to the flow of Earth’s life force through me.

And I know that this practice helps me to be a healthy,
balanced and happy earthly being. Hence every time that
I greet the day by putting my feet upon the Earth and
my head in the heavens, with joy and gratitude I will live
that day to the utmost. And the Tai Chi dance of life
is my most beautiful expression of this earthly existence.


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