August 2017 | HONORING THE SUN

At Summer’s height, Sharon, a friend from Northern California, sent these photos and captions to honor the sun.

A moment of sunlight – honoring the life-giving sun.

Sun kissing – blessing the fennel

Sunset on the horizon as we on spaceship earth rotate on by at 900 miles an hour, to meet again in a matter of hours.

“The sun is not only in the sky; the sun is on Earth and in each one of us. Each of us has the sunshine within us… Just as we carry the DNA of our biological mother and father within us, we carry the sun and the Earth in each of our cells.”

~Love Letter to the Earth by Thich Nhat Hanh

Blossom Shower



Once more brimful, the privet billows in high 

summer breeze, its creamy flowers tilt 

to buzzing wings and ants locked in silent intent―

each floret a yellow cup for all to drink.


Filigree shadows begin to lengthen,

the smell of berries as autumn beckons.

Thousands of tiny blooms rain down

on the warm paving, packing the gaps.


Softly, pour those scented blossoms 

in the night to fill the cracks and fissures 

in my heart. Don’t let me notice your 

healing kiss, so, like the vulture’s flight, 

it may bless the land and merge with

the uplift woven by the turning seasons.



Raphael Block

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