February 2018 | EARTH’S POWERS

So, you may be thinking, what have Water Spirits (see January 2018 Newsletter at this link) got to do with helping us overcome the terrible effects of our ignorant actions on our one and only home?

There are many kingdoms waiting to help us once we acknowledge them. Here is a link to a fantastic talk R. Ogilvie Crombie (ROC) gave in the early 70’s at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. The folks at Findhorn have been working with nature beings and devas for over 50 years. ROC describes in a very sober, rational way his extraordinary meetings with nature spirits and his conversations with the great Pan himself. This link was kindly sent by Findhorn’s archivist, who had added accompanying photos in the 80’s that illustrate the many places and images to which ROC refers.

Taking a broader context, once you and I realize the sacredness of all life, it changes us and it changes our relationship to Earth. Earth can give us access to her power.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee in For Love of the Real describes how, “As we awaken to this sacred unity at the core of the world, life itself awakens, because we are not separate from the whole. This power within life gradually becomes available, and we can learn how to use it. It belongs to the magical nature of life, life’s ability to change and evolve. It carries the ancient wisdom of the archetypal world, an understanding of the energy patterns within life, the grids of power within the Earth.”


We are currently accepting submissions of your Earth-Love experiences to be published in an upcoming issue. Perhaps, you could take 5 minutes to jot down one of your experiences or send a photo with a short commentary to this link. Thank you so much.

I feel that I’m one of thousands of seeds sprouted by the Earth in this time of need.
You, no doubt, are another such seed!

One of Spain’s great poets and playwrights, Federico Garcia Lorca (1898 – 1936), hints at our most tragically under-utilized faculty, in this poem, Curve. Born near Granada and killed there by Franco’s fascists at the outset of their Civil War, Lorca had roots extending back to Moorish Spain that are still palpable in his work.


With a lily in your hand
I leave you,
o my night love!
Little widow of my single star
I find you.

Tamer of dark
I keep along my way.
After a thousand years are gone
you’ll see me,
o my night love!

By the blue footpath,
tamer of dark
I’ll make my way.
Until the universe
can fit inside
my heart.

You can see more of Sally Sweetland’s work at this link.

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