Bonnie, from Northern California, responded to these seed-thoughts in May’s Earth-Love Newsletter:
How does the magic of being in the garden work? What does the Earth do that restores us to ourselves? If it’s a state of being, how do we carry it into our busy lives?
She provided photos of her garden with the piece below.

Being in my garden is like a meditation for me. It is time spent in such beauty and peace. I find myself talking to my beautiful flowers and plants and they respond in their language of just being. The daily chatter of my mind subsides and I even lose track of time, which is a huge gift from this amped up and plugged in life we swirl around in!

I Become 


And I become a child again

among the grasses 

of towering oats and rye,

Shasta daisies overhead,

sharp lavender within 

fingers” reach 

a forest of lush leaves 


as a bumblebee whirls 

into tumbling pollen

cupful after cupful, 

reels into a spider’s 

web, sheer weight 

until it frees itself 

to go on foraging.


Sheened ladybugs scuttle 

up and down stems

on six wheeling spindles,

shiny beetles sprawl 

on broad green plains,

a tiny spider 

huddles while 


an orange-tipped  

spider moth stalks.

Beyond the buzzing, 

the air thickens 

with beaks 

and twitters.


Won’t we all meet

sometime, somewhere?

Will I tumble gladly 

into your arms,

belly, jaws, skin,

And what then?



From Strings of Shining Silence

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