Stephanie Noble from the San Francisco Bay Area, shares this dream experience.

I’m with a group of women friends. We find ourselves outside of an abandoned museum in an old European-style city. The museum is built in the shape of a giant ship. As we enter into the great-room, the museum uproots itself from the earth and floats up and above the city sky-scape. 

Recognizing we can’t leave, we elect to explore the many rooms. After enjoying some small glass cases with artifacts and items of magical power, we come upon one cavernous chamber where a great tree of concrete stands tall and forgotten. Winding flat pathways curve around the edges of the circular room, intersecting up and down around the trunk. We recognize it as a representation of the tree of life. While we knew there was a path upwards, the only one that appears to us is the one leading down into the basement of the forgotten structure. As we walk, I take in the detail carved into the tree. Someone had once painstakingly carved out lines to appear like bark. Further above us, branches reach out into an unknown empty canopy filled with leaves of stone. I feel a sadness enter my heart – the tree is not the living, glowing version of the tree of life I had always pictured. It’s only a symbol of the magic that has long been forgotten in the world. 

As we enter the basement, we walk into a much smaller and cozier circular room with wooden floors and red tapestries on the wall. In this room, my mother and my friend’s daughter appear from behind us. Instinctively, we somehow know this is the time to perform a particular ritual, whereby we honor our maternal lineage and offer thanks and blessings to the generations past, and generations to come. We exchange ritual wine, laughter, and tears, as mothers and daughters embrace. As we complete the ritual, the ship again ‘docks’ onto the earth. We leave, holding one another by the shoulders, feeling a new sense of sisterhood. As we walk back into the world, we notice that, while seemingly all is the same, the storylines of our lives have shifted. Positive outcomes arrive where there had seemingly been none before. The work we did in the temple space of the museum ship has made a marked difference in our everyday lives. We awoke, witnessed, and engaged in the rituals of sacred earth magic within that forgotten space – and in doing so we have been gifted with the ability to bring magic back into our mundane lives.

It has taken me a long time to recognize my inherent gifts and connection to the Earth’s magic. I have hidden, fought, and run from the truth because it appeared so surreal, so impossible, my mind could not grasp the concept. But through the message of this dream, I have come closer to accepting myself. I have come to accept the reality of magic, as being part of the very reality of Earth itself. And the Earth, in turn, seeks our remembrance. It holds onto the vestiges of those forgotten times, mere symbols of once living worlds that contained such beauty and sacred ritual, now relegated to stories, myths, and folktales. 

If we, with open heart and curious mind, seek to find Earth’s magic, we can be certain the Earth will welcome us with shimmering light and proud splendor, ready to take us on the journey of a lifetime.

Photos thanks to Steve Markgraf

Growing Change

The winds of change have come for me
They swirled and howled across the sea
They gathered tendrils on the shore
To gift me grains not seen before
Their soft bright seeds took tender root
And gathered lightly underfoot
So with each step I placed – anew
Spark struck, my veins drank deep –
and Grew.

Stephanie Noble

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